Virtualization is a costly solution to a problem we don’t have anymore

Paul Murphy, from his ZDNet blog’s pages, analyzed the modern virtualization from 2 different point of views.

The resulting insight is populated of very concrete maths and provides a very interesting reading (including related comments):

There are two very different kinds of virtualization making headlines these days. The second one, resource virtualization for management purposes, seems wholly laudable. Whether used to manage storage, processing, or networking a virtual system constructed as kind of unified console for two or more pieces of real hardware can reduce administrative errors, provide unified logging for accountability, and make it easier to shift resources where they’re needed as user applications needs change.

The earlier, and more common, kind of virtualization does the opposite: splitting one piece of real hardware into numerous virtual ones, each of which is then then managed separately and each of which is more resource constrained than the original machine…

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