VMware to announce a new per-user pricing model for upcoming ESX Server 3.0 and VirtualCenter 2.0

CRN published this news:

VMware plans to announce imminent availability of its ESX Server 3 and VirtualCenter 2 platform, along with a new per-user pricing model during the first week of June, sources said.

Sources close to the Palo Alto, Calif., virtualization giant said VMware plans to offer aggressive pricing on its ESX Server 3 and launch a new per-user pricing model, in part to monetize its increasingly popular enterprise hosted desktop model.

They said VMware plans to disclose pricing to premier partners over the next two weeks…

The mentioned pricing disclosure to partners already happened as I learned from anonymous source.

The article continues with more details:

…VMware’s price per desktop is expected to be about $200 per user.

VMware also is expected to announce a price cut for ESX Server 3, but it may not reduce overall costs for the combined platform since VirtualCenter 2’s advanced and sought-after services, Distributed Availability Service and Distributed Resource Scheduling, will be add-ons and priced separately from the overall platform price, sources said…

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