AMD vice president says virtualization will really ramp up within 2 years

TechNewsWorld interviewed Marty Seyer, Senior Vice President at AMD about new trends in semiconductors market:

The semiconductor market is thriving again — and the future looks bright. Worldwide semiconductor revenue totaled US$235 billion in 2005, a 6.9 percent increase from 2004, according to Gartner Group data. It was the first time the semiconductor industry surpassed its record-setting year in 2000 when revenue reached $223 billion.

TNW: What big developments are on the horizon?

Seyer: Virtualization is going to be big in 2006. We’re going to hear a lot about it … we already are hearing a lot about it. Virtualization is going to be broadly analyzed and adopted in 2006, but the ramp is 2007-2008 for real virtualization. So on one hand, it’s hot…

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