Devil Mountain Software launches hosted performance monitoring solution for virtual infrastructures

Devil Mountain Software (DMS) launched Clarity Suite 2006, an hosted (and partially free) performance monitoring solution for Microsoft and VMware virtual infrastructures:

DMS Clarity Suite is a hosted, fully-outsourced performance analysis and decision support solution for Windows-based Virtual Machine environments. Designed as an alternative to costly systems and performance management frameworks, DMS Clarity Suite allows IT professionals to accurately assess Virtual Machine guest O/S, host O/S and application performance requirements by analyzing key process and systems metrics and translating them into actionable recommendations.

  • Hosted Architecture
    DMS Clarity Suite is the industry’s first fully-hosted management solution for Virtual Infrastructure. Through the combination of a robust, web-enabled metrics agent and a secure, hosted analysis portal, DMS Clarity Suite leverages the Internet to create a ubiquitous performance management backbone, obviating the need for elaborate frameworks and supporting servers.
  • Immediate R.O.I.
    Because DMS Clarity Suite is a fully-outsourced solution you can be up and running in minutes, as opposed to weeks or even months with a traditional framework. Just download the DMS Clarity Tracker Agent, install in the target VM and type-in your Customer ID – it’s that simple. With no costly build-out you’ll reap a nearly immediate return on your investment.
  • Feature Rich
    DMS Clarity Suite provides a rich set of powerful analysis tools, including our Clarity Suite web portal where you can compare & contrast virtual machines, project lifecycle, certify performance and conduct Deep DiveTM analysis of specific processes and subsystems. You also get a flexible events & alerts feature with customizable analysis tasks and email notification.
  • Zero Commitment
    Your first 4 DMS Clarity Suite seats are absolutely free. That includes up to 3 Virtual Machine IDs + the Host O/S. Just click here to register and we’ll email you your complimentary Customer ID and Password.

Register for the 4 free seats here.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.