VMware not afraid of upcoming Microsoft Virtual Server Manager

Quoting from CRN:

In a phone interview before his presentation at EMC Technology Summit Monday, Raghu Raghuram, vice president of VMware’s Platform Products, claimed the company’s forthcoming platform upgrade and new consolidation add-on will deliver the most advanced virtualization capabilities in the market.

He said ESX3’s four-way SMP support as well as VirtualCenter2’s new Distributed Resources Manager (DRS) and Distributed Availability Service (DAS) are far ahead of Microsoft’s planned Virtual Server Manager.

“Full details of the product aren’t out yet but what the customers buys from VMware is the full solution — bare metal virtualization plus virtual machine management plus VMotion plus P-to-V [physical-to-virtual] migration. It’s the full suite that matters, not any one single component,” said VMware’s Raghuram. “It looks like Microsoft will have basic management that allows you to stop and start a VM and there seem to be a lot of products like that…

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