Sun expected to support Xen, Linux containers and network virtualization in Solaris 10 this year

Quoting from CNET News:

Peder Ulander, Sun’s vice president of software marketing, said the company plans to announce in May one significant update to Solaris. The revamp, set to ship in June, will deliver new self-healing abilities, a high-security extension and the high-reliability ZFS, or Zettabyte File System, he said.

A second update is set to add Xen virtualization software, which helps run multiple operating systems simultaneously, and to add BrandZ technology, which enables software to run in separate, independent compartments atop a copy of Solaris. This release is likely to be announced in November and to ship by the end of the year.

Another feature, CrossBow, is designed to improve networking. The first phase, due in June and called SoftRings, shares the burden of monitoring high-speed networking gear among multiple processors. That makes it easier for Solaris to keep up with the coming generation of 10-gigabit-per-second networks, Ulander said.

The second CrossBow phase, due by the end of the year, uses virtualized networking. That enables administrators to assign capacity to particular virtual machines or to networking services, such as serving up Web pages, Ulander said…

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