Pay attention to upcoming Intel Pentium D 9xx CPUs

Before buying a new server/desktop/laptop it’s quite obvious for a company or a single IT professional checking if it will sport new generation AMD/Intel CPUs.
Among most desirable features there is virtualization extension, but not every new processor on the market will have it.

The Register reported the expected low-end Pentium D 9xx processor family Intel will possibly release 3Q 2006 will not have Virtualization Technology (VT) enhancement:

…The 925 and 915 are clocked at 3.0GHz and 2.8GHz, respectively. Both contain twin 2MB L2 caches, run over an 800MHz frontside bus and support 64-bit addressing. In addition to VT, they don’t feature Enhanced SpeedStep – both technologies are present in higher-end 9xx-class Pentium Ds…

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