Cassatt launches a cross-virtualization management solution

Quoting from the Cassatt official announcement:

Cassatt Corporation, an innovator in providing enterprise software and services to enable agile IT infrastructures, today announced general availability of the Cassatt Collage Cross-Virtualization Manager (XVM).

XVM helps customers rein in the growing problem of “virtual machine sprawl,” using a vendor-neutral architecture to automate control across virtual servers from multiple sources, including VMware, Xen, and Microsoft.

XVM allows customers to host any combination of virtual machines, including VMware ESX, VMware Server, Xen, and Microsoft Virtual Server. In addition, customers can manage their physical servers from a range of vendors including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Sun Microsystems, and others.

XVM provides an array of control and automation capabilities including:

  • Automated software deployment for both physical and virtual servers – including the ability to run the same software image on either a virtual server or directly on a bare-metal server.
  • Automated responses to failures of both physical and virtual servers, enabling high availability for applications.
  • Automatic scaling of applications by creating additional virtual servers on physical machines that have available CPU and memory capacity.

The Cassatt Collage Cross-Virtualization Manager (XVM), with support for VMware ESX and VMware Server is now generally available. Support for Xen will be available in June 2006. Support for Microsoft Virtual Server is planned for the second half of 2006…

InfoWorld reports pricing:

The XVM software costs $1,250 per physical node. Pricing for the Collage platform starts at $100,000 for a 40-node environment, and the WAM module adds an additional $5,000 per node…

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