VMware executives started blogging

Following Steve Herrold example, Diane Greene, VMware President, and several other company executives started blogging since today.

On the Greene’s corporate blog there are some interesting thoughts that could help reader understanding where VMware is moving or at least where VMware is looking.
A real interesting sencence from today’s post is related to virtualization standards:

4. Benchmarks.

There are starting to be multiple offerings for virtualization and the customer needs a way to evaluate the performance of the different offerings on apples to apples basis.
There should be a benchmark that can show the performance in real-world relevant ways and also in a way that requires as inexpensive a setup as possible.

The other new blog, The Console, will collect insights on virtualization industry as well from several other VMware executives.

The first post is from Dan Chu, Senior Director Developer and ISV Products and Technology Alliances, which speaks about virtual appliances, referencing virtualization.info for the insight about VMware strategy: The long chess game of VMware (thank you!).

This is a great move to provide customers a deeper insight of what is VMware and what the company is trying to do. But bloggers shoud to be very careful in not sending out posts that are just a reprise of press announcements: readers expect from a corporate blog new and unique contents nobody else could provide, not a remark of what they already read on the press feed.