VMware launches Server beta 2

VMware just launched it’s last builld (22874) of its free server product called Server, introduced in February and replacing the well-known GSX Server.

The new beta 2 includes support for using VMware Server Console to connect to and configure GSX Server 3.0 installations (the opposite will not work) and introduces a special set of C APIs, going in addition to existing vmCOM APIs (for Windows hosts only) and vmPerl APIs:

  • Connect / Disconnect to Host
  • Find Items (virtual machines) on a host
  • Create a shapshot of a VM and check how many snapshots there are
  • Remove or revert to a snapshot
  • Delete a VM from your host
  • Open a virtual machine
  • Power on, off, suspend or reset a VM
  • Upgrade the virtual machine’s hardware
  • Read out errors

Download it here.