Bull announces Itanium 2 supercomputer and SWsoft Virtuozzo support

Quoting from the Bull official announcement:

Bull today announces the NovaScale® 5005 series, representing the second generation of large NovaScale servers.

“The NovaScale 5005 servers, announced three years after the first generation, are a proof of Bull’s innovation capabilities. This announcement is in line with Bull’s positioning as an Architect of an Open World. Running present and future generations of Intel® Itanium® 2 processors, they are naturally at the heart of the most complex IT infrastructures, both in the Linux and Windows open environments”

The combination of physical partitioning and virtualisation software makes the NovaScale® servers uniquely flexible to use and enables users to fully optimise the resources installed:

  • The very thin partitioning of the NovaScale 5005® servers – a minimum of 4 sockets per partition, compared to 8 with the previous series – makes it possible to partition a large server into two to eight servers within a few minutes. Each server being able to run a different application environment. On the other hand, multiple servers can be united into a single server to face an increased need in power for a given environment.
  • Bull also announces the availability of the SWsoft’s Virtuozzo solution for the Linux environments on the new NovaScale servers. The Virtuozzo virtualisation solution operates at the Linux operating system level to generate multiple private virtual servers, on a single physical server or on a physical partition…

Thanks to Virtuozzo Blog for the news.