1000th post

1000 posts and 434,000 impressions since September 2003.

Dedicating my whole professional life to IT security I started this blog about virtualization mainly for 3 reasons:

  1. I sincerely felt the urgency to share my enthusiasm for this technology.

    I’ve always been jealous of a gift developers have: the power to create something from scratch. Someone having a foundation know-how as sysadmin and not enough time to seriously start developing can only be jealous of this huge freedom (and I secretely believe learning scripting is a way to fill that hole).

    When I first discovered virtualization I felt like, as sysadmin, I suddenly had a similar power: I see in the virtualization the power of creating datacenters from scratch. I see the freedom to do.
    I know: it’s pretty naive considering what virtualization really is and what can really do, but I still believe this (and I’m a little less jealous of developers).

  2. I wanted to try an emerging phenomenon called blogging, which I read about on many parts but never fully understood.

    Without any experience I probably approached it in the worst way, feeling like I had a sort of imposed task: to cover everything about a topic I chosen to talk about.

    Today, 3 years later, I think this is the worst way to blog: I feel best blogs are ones written for yourself, originally born as personaly diaries where to store important considerations about something you are working with or you are tracking.
    But my unexperienced approach transformed (originally called Blue Alliance) in what it is today. So I won’t regret too much.

  3. I thought writing about something you do from morning to evening, 365 days per year, IT security, was simply too boring while blogging on something I was just discovering was much more interesting.

    After so much time I changed my mind and think that if you blog just about what is interesting for you, without the pressure to cover everything (see my second reason), then it’s not boring anymore.
    So I created SECURITY ZERO (originally called False Negatives Blog) and this is the reason why it has much less posts per day than

Virtualization is spreading every day and I’m totally busy covering and evaluating what’s happening all around the world about this technology.

As I said in my end year’s balance there is so much more to come: expect thousands and more posts on this blog.

Enjoy your stay!