PHD Consulting launches a free VMware ESX Server hot backup product

PHD Consulting just released a new tool called esXpress.

It’s available in 3 versions: LE, Pro and Enterprise.

The LE version is available for free and offers:

  • Complete 100% backups of all your virtual machines every day
  • Faster then other virtual backup solutions. Realistic backups speeds from 17 GB an hour to 100 GB an hour
  • No local /vmfs or ext3 space is required on the host
  • Run multiple backups per day, instead of multiple days per backup
  • Backup to Linux, Windows or any other server using FTP
  • Each host runs autonomously, not from a centralized host. No single point of failure
  • Menu driven, no scripting required
  • Simple installation on host server
  • Restore FULL backups easily through the PHD Menu, which pulls the backup directly from the backup server
  • No Additional local space is required to restore a FULL backup. You only need enough local /vmfs space to recreate the restored FULL VMDK backup
  • No software is actually required to restore a FULL backup, it just makes it simpler
  • Simple reporting on the backup FTP server. Hosts, Days, VMDK, Space
  • Complete integration with our GUI front-end (coming soon)
  • 60 Day esXpress Pro Intelligent Delta plug-in demo

As far as I understand after 60 days only the Intelligent Delta plug-in will be disabled granting a complete backup solution for free (if I misunderstood please advice).

Download it here.