Bochs emulator helping to boot Windows on Intel Macs

Quoting from OSNews:

IBM researchers Singh, Smith & Reed are developing in their free time legacy BIOS support for Intel Macs. “BAMBIOS” is using Boch’s BIOS emulation code and has also adapted its graphical BIOSes for the current ATi and Intel graphics chipsets used on the Intel Macs today.

To EFI, our software looks like a regular EFI program which happens to be a bootloader. This bootloader contains a binary payload which is an entire BIOS, VGA BIOS, and other x86-specific glue needed to boot the machine. This binary payload is loaded into memory in the legacy BIOS space. To all software on the machine, it appears as if the machine has a traditional BIOS. An important aspect of BAMBIOS is that its goal is to be non-disruptive.

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