Emulex and Novell showcase lead in Xen server virtualization

Quoting from the Emulex official announcement:

Emulex Corporation, the most trusted name in storage networking connectivity, today announced the industry’s first demonstration featuring Linux-based server virtualization combined with industry-standard N-Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) technology in Europe. Emulex has teamed with Novell to showcase the benefits of leveraging its industry-standard NPIV-based LightPulse Virtual HBA technology within a Fibre Channel environment using Xen 3 technology and tools provided by Novell as part of Novell’s next SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Enterprise data centers are increasingly looking to virtual server technology for consolidation, increased resource utilization and management flexibility. The Emulex LightPulse Virtual HBA technology in conjunction with Xen 3, enables each virtual machine or guest operating system to own and access a dedicated World Wide Port Name (WWPN), even when several virtual machines are sharing the same physical host bus adapter. This new capability enables each guest to be managed independently, using SAN best practices for security and configuration management, such as fabric-based zoning and storage Logical Unit (LUN) mapping…