Open source virtualization projects

Last time I checked SourceForge for virtualization projects was end of November 2004, founding just 3 promising works.
What changed after more than 1 year?

Existing projects

vmware-magic reached version 1.0, but I think wasn’t intedend for a broad audience, so it still hasn’t a homepage detailing the work.

Both OpenVMRC and VMware Consolidated MUI still have no software to download.

New projects

Virtual Set Top Box. That is Windows multimedia solution that uses various Linux software that is run on same machine using Virtaul Machine aproach (coLinux, Bochs, VMware, VirtualPC,etc.).

Virtualization Toolbox
A set of small tools to assist in the maintenance and tuning of computers running VMware ESX Server both online (real time) and offline (using the VMware supplied “vm-support” script output).

Kernel Emulation on Windows
Kernel Emulation on Windows allows you to run x86 Linux native binaries under MS-Windows. No recompiling is required. The goal is to be able to run your favorite distro without dual-booting or using emulation products such as Vmware, Qemu or coLinux.

The Virtual Box Project
The Virtual Box Project develops a free alternative to the virtual machine software VMWare.

VMware Player files project
We will make VMware Player (“Playable virtual machines” files, of popular operating systems such as Linux (And different distros), Solaris, BSD and other operating systems. Packages can vary from 10MB to 2GB. VMware Player (Host software) is freeware.

VMP Config
Adds some of the features from VMware Workstation which were not included in the free VMware Player. Manipulate existing virtual machine’s virtual hardware, change network preferences, etc. Coded in Java.

ESX export-machine
bash script to export virtual machines from VMware ESX.

vmx-creator will be a GUI to generate virtual machine configuraiton files compatible with VMware’s freely available VMware Player.

Open source version of VMware for new x68 Apple Mac’s.