Review: SWsoft Virtuozzo for Windows 3.5.1 – Conclusion

SWsoft Virtuozzo for Windows 3.5.1 is deadly simple to install and manage, with extended virtual servers’ centralized management features, and enhanced provisioning capabilities.

Anyway you should consider that OS partitioning is different from virtualization.
Virtuozzo is less flexible than any VMware or Microsoft virtualization software and you won’t be able to consolidate different platforms, or migrate some of them when the new Microsoft codename Longhorn Server will come.

If you’re going to approach Virtuozzo and work on Linux platforms you should really check the Virtuozzo open source project called OpenVZ.

And just in case you are asking yourself: yes, it can be installed inside a virtual machine provided by virtualization platforms like VMware o Microsoft.

SWsoft Virtuozzo for Windows 3.5.1 is licensed per processor with a price of 1000 Euros per CPU, while the Management Console costs 1000 Euros per seat with an unlimited servers management capability.

SWsoft offers an online Return on Investment (ROI) calculator to better evaluate impact of Virtuozzo adoption on company budget.

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