Can virtualization double Apple’s market share?

Quoting from George Ou ZDNet blog:

Both VMWare and Microsoft are promising Intel optimized virtualization software that will run any version of Windows, Linux, or BSD with minimal overhead. The down side to this approach is that a licensed copy of Windows is still needed and things like I/O and video graphics are still emulated which severely impact performance and eliminates the possibility of running games. Then there’s the option of running Wine or CrossOver with limited application support but without the need for a licensed copy of windows. But ultimately, perhaps the final goal of Apple is to support true hardware partitioning through paravirtualization.

The implication of all this is that Apple will be the only companies licensed to run Mac OS X, Windows, and other common x86 operating systems in the world since no one else is licensed to run Mac OS X…

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Thanks to David Marshall for the news.