SWsoft updates Virtuozzo and introduces industry’s first zero downtime production server migration

Quoting from the SWsoft official annoncement:

IT professionals can now move virtual servers between physical servers without end-user disruption or the need for costly storage capacity with the release today of Virtuozzo for Linux 3.0 from SWsoft — a recognized leader in server virtualization and automation software.

The “zero downtime migration” capability is one of several major new features in the latest version of Virtuozzo for Linux – which also adds new template management, streamlined resource management and expanded operating system support to greatly enhance performance and automation.

SWsoft also introduced Virtuozzo for Windows 3.5.1 – which adds a “physical-to-virtual” tool that enables easy migration from a dedicated physical server to a virtual server, performance increases and updated platform support.

What is New in Virtuozzo for Linux 3.0
This latest version features improved performance and automation capabilities, including the following features and benefits:

  • Zero Downtime Migration, which captures the state of an existing virtual server and its contents and migrates it to a new physical server without any interruption in service or availability. The function executes between any two servers on a network, so the capability works for any server and any application. SWsoft is the first to deliver this capability without additional requirements, such as a storage area network (SAN).
  • EZtemplates make it easy for almost instant (generally 20-30 seconds) provisioning of a virtual server, so it is easy to set up and run applications on a virtual server, rather than a full server.
  • Streamlined resource management that requires just a few settings to create and manage a virtual server.
  • Support for distributions based on the Linux 2.6 kernel including Red Hat Enterprise Server 4.0, Fedora Core 4.0 and CentOS 4.0 and backward compatibility for 2.4 distributions.

What is New in Virtuozzo for Windows 3.5.1
This latest version includes the following features and benefits:

  • New graphical VZP2V (Physical-to-Virtual) tool for administrators to easily move from a dedicated physical server to a Virtuozzo virtual server. This feature helps determine what resources a server and application require to ensure that the virtual server delivers the same performance.
  • Performance increases for accessing memory and handling read/write operations, as well as making it even faster to create and migrate a virtual server.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 and Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 so that the software can be run in a virtual server.

What is New in Virtuozzo Management Tools
Extensive upgrades to Virtuozzo’s suite of management tools include Virtual Server Provisioning Workflow, expanded Virtuozzo Control Center, Firewall Configuration enhancements, Multi-Virtual Server Commands, Desktop Configuration and several additional features.

Pricing and Availability
Virtuozzo for Linux 3.0, Virtuozzo for Windows 3.5.1 and Virtuozzo Management Tools are now available worldwide from SWsoft or any of its partners. Pricing for Virtuozzo starts at $1000/CPU with management tools at $1000/seat for unlimited servers.