DataCore announces SANmotion

Quoting from the DataCore official announcement:

DataCore Software today announced at Server Centric Consulting’s Geek Day, an all-day technology showcase taking place today in St. Louis, the general availability of powerful Windows data migration capabilities that enable users to move and migrate live data disks over a SAN to other Windows systems across their organization. The new capabilities, launched today as SANmotion, offer a simplified and centralized approach to perform Windows volume administration by supporting new ‘ready to use’ and pre-existing Windows formatted data volumes. Apart from eliminating work and saving IT administrators time, this advanced feature allows Windows disk data to be accessed, re-purposed or moved rapidly across the SAN or over Ethernet connections (over iSCSI).

The SANmotion technology is now available in all new SANmelody™ 2.0 software releases, DataCore’s disk server storage virtualization and management solution. “This product empowers users to move their data and disks around the SAN to wherever they need them,” said George Teixeira, president and CEO, DataCore Software. “The analogy to this would be how VMware, through VMotion, enables the movement of a PC from one place to another. SANmotion delivers disk resources with live data over the SAN. This eliminates the burden that a Windows administrator would have of formatting and setting up disk volumes for each and every individual computer. Instead, one admin does it centrally saving the disruption, time and motion to do the same thing on each separately located desktop or server.”…

Thank to Steven Bink for the news.