Open source waits for a Xen moment in 2006

Quoting from SearchOpenSource:

…So why is Xen so important, and why could it be an open source force in 2006 and beyond?

The people dismissing or touting Xen’s promise need to look at Xen from both sides now, says Tony Iams, senior analyst for Rye Brook, N.Y.-based IDEAS International.
Xen, Iams said, is early in its development and will require at least until the end of 2006 to mature. At that point, it should be able to compete with established commercial virtualization products like VMware.

It’s a mistake to dismiss Xen as just neat technology or compare it to entirely different applications, such as SWsoft’s Virtual Private Servers, according to Iams. “I don’t know anyone involved with virtualization applications who are not taking Xen seriously,” he said. “Yes, Xen just shipped 3.0, but like all open source there is a specific staging process.”…

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