VMware launches Community Virtual Machines

VMware Player launch is a really earthquake in the virtualization market, and VMware knows how to drive community attention on a new product like this.

The company just launched a new branch of its VMware Technology Network (VMTN) called Community Virtual Machines:

Community-built virtual machines are built and hosted by individuals in the VMware community. The list of community-built virtual machines contains a growing set of virtual machines designed for a variety of purposes. See what your peers in the community are building.

So you build a cool virtual machine working with the new VMware Player and VMware will sponsorize it on the Community Virtual Machines site.

I bet every mature project outside there will provide a wonderful VM in no time, starting from some security projects where installation can be really difficult.

Community Virtual Machines, which already counts 4 projects, now goes beside VMs provided by various well-known IT vendors in the Virtual Machine Center.

You really have a lot to play with!