VMX Builder for VMware Player

Robert Petruska and Ulli Hankeln did it again.

Robert Petruska created a bunch of great Windows GUIs for many famous VMware utilities.

Ulli Hankeln reversed the VMware virtual hard disks (.vmdk) structure, creating a lot of incredible utilities.

Between them there is a batch for producing new VMware virtual machines configuration files (.vmx) called vmx-builder.cmd.

Why should you need producing new .vmx files from scratch? Simple: to create new virtual machines with VMware Player without installing VMware Workstation trial.

If you wanna know more you better read my previous post and come back here.

Now Robert and Ulli worked together and produced a Windows application easier than ever to creat new .vmx files: the VMX Builder.

Please note that this utility isn’t connected with the online VM Builder.