DataCore joins VMware as a Technology Software Alliance Partner

Quoting from the DataCore official announcement:

In the spirit of working together to expand deployments of virtual infrastructure technology, DataCore Software, a leader in storage virtualization solutions, today announced that it has joined the VMware Technology Software Alliance program. This is a logical next step since many DataCore customers are benefiting from the combination of VMware virtual machines and DataCore virtual storage, and the announcement further signifies the new reality in virtualization: virtual servers and virtual storage make sense.

“The products work hand-in-hand to accelerate the time it takes to allocate and assign systems and storage,” said Kosmas Schütz, Director of Information Systems, Munich’s Schwabing Hospital. “With a small staff, it makes it possible to manage a lot of user storage and hundreds of servers in our dynamic environment. Together, VMware ESX software and DataCore virtual storage reduce workloads on administrators, ease server provisioning and automate serving disk capacity to users and applications. ”

By adding DataCore to the virtual infrastructure mix on the storage side, VMware software in combination with DataCore solutions give administrators what they need to streamline the way they work.

Administrators can scale and rescale the processor capacity, memory and automate disk space as well as interfaces for the applications, as needed. The time it takes to deliver a customized server and storage and get it live is reduced often by a factor of 10.

“By working with VMware, DataCore Software can optimize and support the interoperability of our SANsymphony and SANmelody software with VMware software to enhance performance and functionality and assure the best customer experience,” said George Teixeira, President & CEO, DataCore Software. “As a Technology Software Alliance partner, DataCore gains additional access to software, technology support and access to VMware software technical consultation and training.

According to TPI Technologies CTO Jeremy Evans, “DataCore does for storage what VMware does to servers – the combination really makes sense. DataCore’s virtualization storage solution received top marks when we tested it in ease-of-use when integrated with VMware software, the leading server virtualization product. The combination extends the value proposition beyond server utilization to include the storage investment.”

To read the TPI Technologies test report and the install guide that walks you through how easy it is to install VMware software and SANmelody, please go to:

A whitepaper titled Virtual Servers and Virtual Storage Make Sense is also available from the DataCore website.