discussion group

Many months ago I created a Google Group called discussion group.

Till now I never posted anything about this cause I don’t think it’s a really needed service: there are VMware VMTN community forums and newsgroups, there are Microsoft newsgroups, there are IBM web forums, and many many other vendor places where community can exchange experiences and suggestions. And obviously there are blogs comments.

But it’s true that every of these places is about only one vendor and you can’t free speak about virtualization market (for example talking about product comparisons or bad products experiences). So someone could be interested in subscribing and using this group:

Subscribe to Discussion Group

Google Groups Email:
Browse Archives at

The group is not moderated and you need to register to post in (sorry, is to limitate spamming). Registration is free.

You can read new messages by usual email updates (singular messages or daily digest if you are subscribed) or by RSS feed aggregation (even if you are not subscribed). Remember you can also create a Google Alert for the discussion group.

BTW: I posted about this just today cause I casually found the first message. So, if this discussion group goes well thank you Mr. JG 🙂