TRANGO, the real-time embedded hypervisor

On the wikipedia entry dedicated to virtualization a new product reference appeared: TRANGO.

Never heard about it and without any further details I googled around and arrived on the TRANGO Systems company website. Here I found description of a new real-time embedded hypervisor:

TRANGO technology enables processor secured virtualization for major 32/64 bit RISC architectures : ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SH, configurable cores and FPGA soft-cores. It is based on a para-virtualization approach (no instruction emulation): it ensures full predictability and close-to-native performance.

TRANGO hypervisors are based on TRANGO technology and specialized for each CPU architecture.

A TRANGO hypervisor is a very compact micro-kernel dividing CPU resources and address space into virtual MMU-enabled processors. Guest Operating Systems run in CPU user-mode and use one or multiple virtual processors (for Symmetric Multi-Processing OSs).

TRANGO also acts as a very efficient portability layer for guest OSs and RTOSs, providing support for a wide range of processors without any change to the OS’s source code.

TRANGO hypervisor features are:

  • Full predictability and close-to-native performance
  • Highly optimized and compact code (<20 kilo-bytes, ROM-able, secured boot)
  • Support of multi-core and multi-thread CPU architectures, and variably-sized memory pages
  • High-performance messaging between virtual processors (guest OS)
  • Linux 2.6 and eCos 2.0 ports with developer community
  • Support of most guest OS native drivers without porting efforts
  • Fully compatible with guest OS native tools, and simultaneous support of TRANGO development, monitoring and debugging tools
  • Eclipse Integrated Development Environment plug-ins for TRANGO tools

Note that I never heard of this technology before and never tried it. So I cannot grant these informations are valuable.
But it worth a visit at least to see applications this company suggests for hypervisor technology: