VMware launches VMTN Blog

When an IT company become really famous and its products are very appreciated, people start looking for a deeper contact with the people producing the beloved software. I think it’s like actors fans wanting to know more and more about their preferred software.
Companies catching this feeling can start a corporate blog: this provide a chance to give their supporters a great insight of how development goes and an indirect marketing tool for all prospects out there wanting to jump sales brochures blablabla.

VMware is one of this kind of companies and, with perfect timing, just launched its VMTN Blog.

John Troyer, the Senior Product Manager of VMTN Online, inaugurated the blog and adviced other VMware employees will post on it:

We will be talking about virtualization technology in general: how people are using it, what is happening in the industry, and what is coming next as the virtualization revolution continues to change fundamentally how we use computers. Of course, we will also be covering VMware, its products, and the ecosystem that surrounds VMware’s virtual infrastructure solutions.

I’ll be the main contributor here to start, but you can expect others from around VMTN and the company to drop by and tell a story or two. As always with a blog, the views expressed on this blog are the views of each individual poster and do not reflect official statements, policies, or strategies of VMware.

I wish John a really good work, hoping to read on the corporate blog something very special about what’s there now and what’s going to be in the near future.