Microsoft talking about Virtual Server 2005 R2 and Windows Hypervisor at ITforum 05

Did you miss the PDC 05 U.S.A. conference this year? No problem: Microsoft is going to have multiple sessions about its upcoming virtualization technologies at ITforum 05 european conference.

Actual agenda includes the following sessions:

  • CHT013 Automating a Dev/Test Lab with Virtual Server
    Virtualization can significantly reduce the cost of developing and testing complex multi-tier applications. Multiple servers can easily be provisioned and manipulated ‘virtually’ without requiring large amounts of physical hardware. In this Chalk-&-Talk we will discuss how virtualization is changing dev/test and provide some real world examples.
  • CHT014 Architectural Best-Practices for Virtual Server
    Virtualization can provide an effective means for consolidating production servers. In this Chalk-&-Talk we will discuss real-world usage of Virtual Server and how it could best be applied in your IT organization.
  • INF304 Virtual Server – Advanced Scripting and Other Secrets
    Virtual Server provides a powerful selection of COM interfaces for manipulating all facets of a virtual machine. This can support everything from provisioning to day-to-day management operations. In this session we will showcase the COM API and demonstrate a range of scripting examples. We will also demonstrate how partner offerings are using the API to productize key provisioning and management functionality.
  • INF307 Understanding and Working with the Virtual Server Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) Disk Format
    Microsoft has standardized on the VHD file format for the running and management of virtual machines. This file format provides for a range of disk types, including dynamically expanding, linked, undo and differencing disks. In this session we will take a deep dive into the file format, and discuss best practices and partner offerings for disk image management and migration.
  • INF308 Clustering and High Availability with Virtual Server
    Virtual Server 2005 R2 provides new high-availability features such as guest clustering and host-based clustering. These provide the basis of a very robust production server consolidation solution. In this session we will explore these new Virtual Server capabilities in detail, and look at key partner offerings that add additional high-availability functionality.
  • INF318 Windows Hypervisor and Virtualization Futures
    This session provides a technical overview of the Windows Hypervisor. The Windows Hypervisor will provide the foundation for Microsoft’s Windows virtualization solutions in the Longhorn Server timeframe. This session discusses the Hypervisor and related I/O virtualization layers.