Egenera BladeFrame System to support Xen Hypervisor

Quoting from the XenSource official announcement:

Egenera Inc., a global leader in utility computing, and XenSource, Inc., the leader in infrastructure-virtualization solutions based on the open source Xen hypervisor, today announced an alliance that will provide enterprise customers with the industry’s most integrated, available and manageable virtualized environment—from CPU to datacenter. Under the terms of the agreement, Egenera and XenSource will support the Xen hypervisor on the Egenera® BladeFrame® product line. Additionally, XenSource will join Egenera’s Accelerate alliance program in order to ensure seamless support of the integrated solution to customers. Combining Xen with the Egenera BladeFrame will enable customers to better utilize today’s ultra-fast processors and manage virtual machines more simply and effectively—enabling server consolidation and decreasing IT costs and administration time.

“We believe that managing virtual resources is the next big battleground in the industry and that Xen is emerging as a key technology for the enterprise,” said Pete Manca, senior vice president of engineering at Egenera. “Our alliance with XenSource gives customers a clear path to creating a totally virtualized environment that is highly available, manageable and secure. The synergy between the Egenera BladeFrame and the open source Xen hypervisor will help customers maximize the utilization of their computing resources and realize the business benefits of true utility computing.”

“With its virtualization of server, storage and network resources, the Egenera BladeFrame is the ideal platform for running Xen,” said Moshe Bar, CTO of XenSource. “Xen is the industry’s choice for virtualization of mission-critical applications in the datacenter, because of its outstanding performance and its adoption as an open industry standard. When running on the Egenera BladeFrame, Xen provides fine-grained control and virtualization of CPU, memory, network and storage resources, enabling CIOs to increase utilization and reduce TCO. This alliance will bring manageable and cost-effective virtual computing to enterprise datacenters worldwide.”

The Egenera BladeFrame system is a new server architecture specifically designed to reduce datacenter complexity and improve business responsiveness. The BladeFrame’s advanced virtualization technology and Egenera PAN Manager software dynamically allocate and repurpose servers to applications as needed without manual intervention. PAN Manager software will interoperate seamlessly with Xen virtualization to provide comprehensive control of the virtualized infrastructure.

Xen is the industry-standard, open source, infrastructure-virtualization software created and maintained by the founders of XenSource, Inc. and developed collaboratively by 20 of the world’s most innovative datacenter solution vendors, including Egenera. Xen allows multiple virtual server instances to run concurrently on the same physical server, with near-native performance and per-virtual-server performance guarantees. The technology is being adopted worldwide in enterprise datacenters to support server consolidation and reduce total cost of ownership. Xen 3.0, to be released shortly, supports up to 32-way SMP workloads as well as 32- and 64-bit processors and Intel® VT-x virtualization technology.