SWsoft plans to include Virtuozzo in a new hosting platform

Quoting from the SWsoft official announcement:

Today, SWsoft, a recognized leader in server automation and virtualization software, officially announced the OPEN FUSION platform for the hosting industry. Pre-announced at HostingCon 2005, OPEN FUSION is an open and connected technology initiative for advancing the integration of a wide range of hosting systems including 3rd party modules, custom/in-house systems, and the full range of SWsoft products and solutions.

Resulting benefits of this platform vision include reduced time to market for service offerings, more automated and integrated systems with single sign-on and consistent UI, and improved overall infrastructure manageability.

“SWsoft has the widest range of automation and virtualization solutions, many of which have already been successfully incorporated into our business,” said Warren Adelman, COO, Go Daddy. “We look forward to influencing and participating in OPEN FUSION and see clear value in being able to offer broader services, obtain the highest levels of product and support quality, and reduce complexity and effort spent with in-house and third party integration.”

“One unified hosting standard is something that will help create a more unified experience for users and increased revenue and margins for hosting providers,” said Jeremy Christ, Business Development Director, ModernGigabyte, LLC. “Our new advanced billing solution, ModernBill, is already integrated into Plesk, creating a new attractive solution for end customers seeking complementary hosting package options.”

“SWsoft has focused on developing solutions that are not only innovative and cutting edge but that deliver real business value,” said Jeff Reinis, VP Product Management, The Planet. “We see the OPEN FUSION strategy solving exactly what the industry needs – more integrated solutions to offer more services at higher profit. We’re excited to partner with SWsoft and others on this important project.”

“Through joint collaboration with industry partners and providers, OPEN FUSION will enable a new generation of highly integrated services that can help grow the overall hosting market by an order of magnitude,” said Serguei Beloussov, CEO, SWsoft. “Our company is in a unique position to support this initiative with the highest level of commitment, our broad set of multi-platform products, rapidly growing partner ecosystem and largest hosting software R&D team.”

Next Generation Hosting Software Platform
OPEN FUSION is a multi-year initiative that will be delivered by SWsoft and its growing number of industry partners to directly address market needs for improved integration. This program will be fully supported, documented, maintained and promoted and will incorporate comprehensive training. .

Core Components of OPEN FUSION include:

  • Consolidated API
    Open XML/web services based protocols with consistent vocabulary
  • Pluggable, Integrated UI
    Complete guidelines, common vocabulary and graphical elements
  • Authorization Engine
    Provides profile management, identity management and session management; integrates well with existing authentication and authorization solutions
  • Licensing
    Common licensing across products with KA (Key Administration) as an example
  • Version Management
    API and products consistently support multiple versions
  • Safe Updates
    Supported and seamless updates and upgrades
  • Localization
    Common API for localization and changing language/locale for all integrated applications simultaneously
  • Documentation
    Single comprehensive description and OPEN roadmap for all of the above OPEN FUSION components

All existing SWsoft products, including Plesk, SiteBuilder, Virtuozzo, HSPComplete, and PEM are moving to the OPEN FUSION platform and will leverage and provide the core components. SWsoft will strongly support the efforts of other ISVs who join this collaborative initiative.

Roadmap, Availability and Industry Partners
OPEN FUSION integration will be delivered in stages and delivered in line with future industry and SWsoft product releases:

    Available now with Plesk/Expand, Virtuozzo/Plesk, HSPcomplete/Plesk, and an increasing number of 3rd party partners as examples
    Will be delivered in 2006 with complete SWsoft product integration (including PEM), additional partners, improved API and additional common framework elements
    To be shipped in 2007 with advanced performance, UI and broad range of applications further optimized specifically for OPEN FUSION by industry partners