Asigra Televaulting offering “any-to-any” backup for VMware environments

Quoting from the Asigra official announcement:

Asigra, the technology specialists in agentless distributed backup and recovery software for network computing, today announced that its Televaulting for Enterprises software now supports remote backup for VMware environments, enabling VMware customers to dramatically slash their cost of enterprise data protection with an innovative pricing model, simplified deployment and unmatched functionality under VMware. Televaulting also supports turnkey disaster recovery configurations and server consolidation.

According to Tom Dugan, co-founder, of the VMware Technology Network Group in Philadelphia, PA, “Asigra Televaulting is the only backup application that allows any-to-any data backup and restore in VMware environments, giving users the ability to back up from a server from one vendor and restore the data to hardware from a different vendor. This unmatched VMware backup capability enables unique advantages for Asigra users and service providers.”

Along with its “any-to-any” backup and restore capabilities for VMware, Asigra Televaulting also provides full functionality for backup of live virtual machines, enabling virtual machines to be migrated for dynamic load balancing, zero-downtime maintenance, consolidation of multiple hardware servers onto a single sever with multiple VMware virtual machines, or adding new server or storage hardware to scale performance and/or capacity.

“The level of flexibility provided by Asigra allows eSource to deliver a much more efficient data infrastructure,” said John Williams, director of technical services for eSource, a Pennsylvania-based IT services provider. “This increased efficiency not only improves network performance, but reduces unnecessary capital and operational expense for the customer.

“Asigra Televaulting for Enterprises is an elegant solution to the issue of excessive license costs for large-scale VMware sites,” said Steve Duplessie, senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. “The combination of a robust backup engine and the capacity-based pricing model makes Asigra an appealing choice for any organization that is dealing with excessive backup/recovery licenses.”

Asigra Televaulting is also the only backup software that allows incremental backups of VMware environments. VMware virtual machine data is typically contained within two files on the host server or workstation. Other backup software is limited to backing up the entire files, including data that hasn’t changed since the last backup session. Asigra allows the backup of only changed data within those two files so that the backup – and restore if required – takes only a matter of minutes.

Additionally, Asigra solves a backup cost problem for VMware customers. Traditional backup software vendors charge a license fee based on the number of servers hosting the backup application. Customers are forced to pay a separate license fee for each VMware virtual machine in use, even though the virtual machines are deployed on a single hardware server.

Asigra eliminates this cost penalty for backup of VMware environments with an agentless architecture and “pay-as-you-grow” pricing structure where customers only pay for the amount of the compressed data capacity they are protecting with Asigra, regardless of the number of VMware virtual machines involved. The agentless Asigra technology makes file-level data protection possible on each Intel server running under VMware, regardless of whether the host operating system is Windows, Linux, Solaris or NetWare. The full range of backup functionality is enabled for each VMware deployment with Asigra, allowing message-level restores for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange and Lotus Notes servers. Asigra Televaulting can also easily and quickly restore data after a decentralized server consolidation into a new virtual infrastructure under VMware.

“The high cost and limited functionality of traditional backup software present roadblocks to reliable data protection for VMware users,” said Eran Farajun, executive vice president of Asigra. “Asigra Televaulting eliminates those risks and reduces costs with a highly functional backup solution that is simple to deploy, use and manage even in complex VMware installations.”

Asigra’s Televaulting is a comprehensive software solution that allows businesses to implement distributed data protection featuring grid-based performance and capacity scaling, utility service provisioning, and the ability for advanced WAN optimization techniques including common file elimination and compression that conserves bandwidth and storage by transmitting multiple copies of files only once. Security is hard-coded into the solution to provide AES encryption for data while “in-flight” and “at-rest.”

Televaulting eliminates many backup pain points through technology that is designed for enterprise-wide centralization, built from the ground up to perform on a global level. It is tested and certified compatible by leading infrastructure providers not to take the place of data center backup software, but complement it for multi-site backup and recovery. Business benefits that differentiate Asigra’s offering from other backup solutions include true regulatory compliance, reduction in worldwide IT management expenditures, and compounded reduction of both hardware/software capital and enterprise-wide license costs. Asigra also offers a “pay-as-you-grow” compressed-capacity-based licensing model, allowing users to pay only for storage under management. The initial implementation capacity is based on the amount of compressed data to protect. After that, customers are charged per compressed terabyte of additional storage.