Interview with Alexander Grechishkin of Guest PC

OSNews interviewed Lismore Software Systems CEO, Alexander Grechishkin, just entered in virtualization market and competing with Microsoft on MAC platform:

Today we feature a mini-interview with Alexander Grechishkin, CEO of Lismore Software Systems, Ltd. The company came to spotlight recently after their release of their x86 emulator for Mac OS X, Guest PC. We also include three screenshots of the application.

OSNews: Is Guest PC written from scratch, was it ported over OS9 or does it use another engine (e.g. Bochs)

Alexander Grechishkin: Lismore Software Systems, was one of the companies that released PC emulator for Macintosh. Our product, Blue Label Power Emulator for classic Mac OS, was released a little bit later than the one by Connectix and Insignia in 1996. Guest PC is a fully rewritten emulator based on the Blue Label. We had lots of feedback and recommendations from our users, we have changed our product so that it would meet users requirements.

OSNews: What are the main features of GuestPC and what are its advantages over Microsoft’s solution?

Alexander Grechishkin: Our competitor is Virtual PC standalone version, comparing to it I would say:

– our emulator is bundled with a preinstalled DOS
– we have a built-in Windows setup assistant that allows to easily install Windows
– officially we support all Windows version unlike VPC that supports Windows XP and 2000 only
– our price is more adequate – $69.99 vs. $109.99
– we have a more reasonable upgrade policy to upgrade to Guest PC from any BLPE you will pay 34.99 but not $77.99. Moreover, the following Guest PC version will be free for our customers.

OSNews: What are the system requirements of Guest PC? What is its price?

Alexander Grechishkin: Guest PC only requires Mac OS 10.3 or later, no other limitations. Guest PC is available at $69.99.

OSNews: What operating systems are supported? Have you tested with Linux or FreeBSD?

Alexander Grechishkin: Officially now we support all Windows versions, some Linux versions will run, however we do not support them in the full volume.

OSNews: Do you have plans to port your emulator to Linux for PPC?

Alexander Grechishkin: We are not going to port the emulator to Linux PPC, however sometimes ago we had negotiations regarding this issue.