Dunes Virtual Service Orchestrator (VS-O) Webinar

Virtual Strategy Magazine arranged a live webinar in collaboration with Dunes:

Webinar – January 5, 2005 – 11:00 a.m. EDT
Join us for this 45 minute webinar. There will be approximately 10 minutes of presentation, 20 minutes of demonstration, 10 minutes of Q&A.

Dunes Virtual Service Orchestrator (Dunes® VS-O™) is a virtual service orchestration software solution for VMware VirtualCenter and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005. Dunes VS-O allows an enterprise to easily apply best practices and business policies. It provides an end-to-end IT service that automates business objectives to make the data center more efficient and adaptive to changing conditions.

Dunes VS-O is the first integrated development platform, based on open standards, that enables rapid design, validation and integration of business processes into the virtualized data center. Combined with an environment that allows virtualization and automation of the virtual infrastructure, it enables the delivery of IT services on demand.

With Dunes VS-O you compose, deliver and guarantee the right services to the right business users at the right time and at the right costs.