Release: VMware VirtualCenter 1.2 SDK

And with VirtualCenter 1.2 here comes its refreshed SDK, available at VMware download page.
Here the news:

– Support for GSX Server 3.1 hosts. in addition to ESX Server 2.0.1, 2.1.x and 2.5 hosts.
– New operations: SnapshotVM, ConsolidateVM, and RevertVM (supports snapshots on GSX Server 3.1 and redo logs on ESX Server 2.5 hosts) and QueryPerfData2 (obtains additional performance statistics from hosts and virtual machines).
– The CloneVM operation now supports schema-based customization.
– Creation of custom event collectors.
– Support for raw disk mappings for ESX Server hosts.
– Additional Java, Perl, C#, and Visual Basic samples.