Release: VMware Common Information Model SDK 1.0 released!

VMware launched out a new, parallel SDK with different scope from Virtual Infrastructure SDK. Here what it’s about:

The goal of the VMware CIM SDK is to provide independent software vendors (ISVs) and the enterprise storage management industry a CIM-compliant object model for virtual machines and their related storage devices. The SDK also includes a Pegasus CIMOM installed with VMware ESX Server, as well as sample client code, to allow ISVs to explore virtual machine resources and to incorporate them into their management applications. VMware, Inc. considers the first version of the CIM SDK to be experimental. The interface may change in future releases to align it more closely with evolving standards.

With the VMware CIM SDK, independent software vendors can:

– Explore the virtual machines on the ESX Server machine and view their storage resources using any CIM client.
– Examine virtual machine storage allocation to determine if availability and utilization policies are being satisfied.
– Examine the physical storage allocated to a virtual machine.
– Verify the operational status of virtual machine storage, including all storage devices and paths involved in supplying storage to virtual machines.

Available for download at VMware download page.