IBM releases Virtual Machine Manager add-on for its Director

Quoting from official announcement:

– Description
Virtual Machine Manager – VMM can be installed on systems with IBM Director running on Microsoft OSes.
Extensions to VMM can be installed together with matching IBM Director components – agent, server and console.

VMM is not a stand alone tool, it requires an existing IBM Director environment.

– Product overview
Virtual Machine Manager enables the use of the following
virtualization applications in an IBM Director environment:

o VMware ESX Server in a VMware VirtualCenter environment

o Microsoft(R) Virtual Server

When Virtual Machine Manager and these virtualization
applications are installed, you can perform the following tasks
from IBM Director Console:

o Discover and report status about virtualization components

o Log in to the management interface of the virtualization

o Perform migration and power operations on virtual machines

– Compatibility with IBM Director
Virtual Machine Manager 1.0 is supported for use with
IBM Director 4.20.

You can download it here.