PlateSpin broadens its support for virtual infrastructure with PowerP2V 3.6

Quoting from official announcement:

PlateSpin, the leading provider of multi-architecture conversion and provisioning solutions announced the availability of PowerP2V 3.6. PlateSpin PowerP2V is an advanced automation solution that converts Microsoft Windows and Linux servers between physical server and virtual infrastructure architectures in a completely automated manner. Since its initial launch, PlateSpin PowerP2V has been used to dramatically accelerate data center server consolidation and test lab deployment projects for data centers across many industry segments including Health Care, Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology, Education, Telecommunications, Financial Services and Government. With the release of PowerP2V 3.6, PlateSpin has extended PowerP2V’s capabilities to support VMware GSX Server and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005. PowerP2V 3.6 provides complete coverage of all popular Intel based virtual architectures by performing automated conversions between physical servers and the virtual infrastructure solutions from VMware and Microsoft.

With PlateSpin PowerP2V, users simply connect to the network, select a physical or virtual source server, and drag it to a VMware ESX Server, GSX Server, or Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 host. There are no agents, pre-requisites to install, or manual work to be done to prepare for the conversion. Users simply connect to the network and start their conversion projects for Windows and Linux platforms. PowerP2V can also move machines within the data center or across geographical boundaries without requiring physical contact with source or target servers, which is a key benefit with today’s distributed computing models.

PlateSpin PowerP2V 3.6 offers the following product features and enhancements

Remote discovery and hardware/software inventory of network machines
No agents to install, no boot CDs – simply connect and start converting servers
Fully automated conversions with no manual intervention
Reconfigure target virtual machine resources such as CPU allocations, memory, and disk space on-the-fly
Convert Windows and Linux operating system servers to virtual machines
Support for converting systems with dynamic system and data disks
Static IP address support, for data center network environments that don’t use DHCP servers to configure IP addresses
Usability enhancements through the drag-and-drop graphical user interface
Selective network discovery, which allows users to isolate discoveries by domain for very large networks
File transfer network management and performance enhancements

PlateSpin customers use PowerP2V for server consolidation, where many physical servers are converted to virtual machines residing on fewer numbers of physical server hardware. This allows data centers to achieve more efficient utilization for CPU, disk, memory and network resources. It is also used for rapid replication of production environments in test labs using virtual machines, or for replicating virtual machines for managed availability and hot standby environments.

“Data centers want solutions that give them the ability to adapt to new or changing business situations as fast and as easily as possible.” said Stephen Pollack, CEO of PlateSpin Ltd. “With PlateSpin PowerP2V, customers adopting virtual infrastructure will experience dramatically increased amounts of flexibility in their data center because they are able to automatically convert servers and their associated customer facing applications to any physical or virtual environment at will.”

“PlateSpin is the only software provider we have found that addresses server conversion, provisioning, and management between multiple data center architectures. PowerP2V’s unique ability to convert between physical and virtual environments allows us to adapt data center infrastructures to today’s rapidly changing conditions faster than ever before.“ – Richard King, President of Xcedex

Pricing and Availability

PlateSpin PowerP2V 3.6 is available for the general public. Pricing starts at US$3,000 for a 25 conversion pack license. Data center site licenses are also available upon request.