VMware sets up regional HQ in Singapore

Quoting from IT AsiaOne:

Fast-growing enterprise software firm VMware has moved into Singapore with a bang, making the Republic its regional headquarters responsible for the Asia South and greater China region and appointing Koh Eng Kheng as regional director.

Commenting on VMware’s expansion into Singapore, Jim Lenox, director of VMware Asia Pacific said: ‘VMware sees Singapore as a major area of opportunity for revenue growth as well as serving as a springboard to the region.’

Mr Koh added that Singapore provides a promising market opportunity for VMware solution adoption and also serves as a springboard for it into Asean, India and the greater China region due to its excellent infrastructure and proliferation of local talent.

‘In terms of regional growth, India and Greater China pose tremendous opportunities – India is particularly strong in software development, business process outsourcing and customer support centres, while China is enjoying high server shipment rates,’ he said.