Intel unveils Active Management Technology

Quoting from official announcement:

Intel Corporation today provided a first look at Intel Active Management Technology, a new technology that will give IT managers a new level of manageability over their networked computers – even those that are unregistered, inoperable or turned off.

Intel Active Management Technology, announced at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, enables IT managers to remotely access every networked computing system, even systems that are powered down, the operating system has locked up or the hard drive has crashed. For IT managers, this greatly improved asset management technology could reduce system downtime, technical assistance visits and operational costs.

“Intel talked with many IT managers and heard a need to enhance the manageability of client and server platforms,” said Bill Siu, Intel vice president and general manager, Desktop Platforms Group. “Intel’s solution provides an innovative and cost-effective solution to one of IT’s major concerns.”

Intel Active Management Technology is integrated into tamper-resistant hardware and firmware to prevent intentional or inadvertent removal of inventory, remote control or virus- protection agents from the systems. The technology features an out-of-band link that is independent of the operating system, allowing IT managers to access a system even if the operating system is inoperative.

“Lacking an effective solution today, IT invests vast sums on managing computing assets, rather than developing and implementing innovative solutions that improve worker productivity and efficiency,” said Siu. “Intel Active Management Technology enables more efficient asset management, reduced downtime and fewer technician visits so that IT budgets can be put to better use.”

Intel Active Management Technology will provide the foundation for new software that will give IT managers more efficient management of their computing systems. At IDF, Altiris Inc, BMC Software, Check Point Software Technologies, Computer Associates and LANDesk Software are showcasing early solutions based on the technology for remote management, security, diagnostic and inventory.

Intel Active Management Technology is the latest in a set of product enhancements designed to address the needs of business end-users, including future security (codenamed LaGrande Technology or LT) and virtualization (codenamed Vanderpool Technology or VT) applications.

Siu said these products are part of Intel’s broader initiative called Digital Office, aimed at addressing the needs of business customers. “Business customers, from the large enterprise to the startup, have complex needs that cannot be remedied with a single new feature,” Siu said. “That’s why Intel is taking a broader approach involving standards, products and technologies. Intel Active Management Technology is a significant first step in Intel’s vision for the Digital Office. Intel has exciting plans for solutions that will make platforms more aware, more connected, more intuitive and more responsive. This is just the beginning.”

To make Intel Active Management Technology and other management technologies available across all platforms, Intel created the Intel® Cross Platform Manageability Program (CPMP). Intel® CPMP is an Intel-wide program to develop common and consistent management capabilities, interfaces and protocols across all Intel platforms – from cell phones to servers – by extending the management technology and standards available today.

Thanks David for this head up.