SoftGrid Virtualization Platform certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Quoting from MarketWire:

Softricity® today announced that its award-winning SoftGrid application management platform has been certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Through this designation, Softricity is demonstrating its commitment to and expertise in helping enterprises accelerate and streamline Windows application deployment and management. The independent testing at VeriTest, the testing division of Lionbridge Technologies (NASDAQ: LIOX), assures customers that SoftGrid provides the highest levels of reliability, availability, security and supportability with the Microsoft Server platform.

“Microsoft has been working closely with Softricity to provide added value for our customers by simplifying large-scale application management, and we’re pleased that Softricity has achieved Certification for Windows Server 2003,” said Barry Kurland, New England General Manager for Microsoft Corp. “This certification gives customers additional confidence about selecting the SoftGrid virtualization platform for Windows application deployment, upgrades, support, patches, terminations and license compliance.”

SoftGrid transforms Windows applications from products that must be installed and managed locally into virtual services that are centrally managed and deployed on-demand — without any recoding — to any desktop, server or laptop. With SoftGrid, applications do not write files directly to the operating system files, but instead redirects them to its virtual “sandbox,” Softricity’s patented protective run-time environment called SystemGuard?, which executes programs without altering the host computer. SoftGrid also uses Softricity’s innovative on-demand delivery technology where applications are delivered in real-time, on an as-needed basis, and can be managed as a .NET-enabled Web service. Softricity has a multi-year Strategic Alliance with Microsoft, and is a Microsoft Terminal Services Industry Partner.

“SoftGrid endured rigorous testing to prove that it measures up to Microsoft’s standards for software running in Windows Server 2003 environments,” said Katrina Teague, Vice President of Marketing and Solutions at VeriTest. “Softricity joins an elite group of software companies that, through this certification, assure their customers of safe and optimum performance throughout the Windows enterprise.”

VeriTest is the only authorized worldwide lab to test applications for Microsoft’s Certified for Windows program. VeriTest and Microsoft have established technical standards for identifying applications that run securely and reliably on the Windows family of operating systems. Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 certification ensures that SoftGrid seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s industry-leading server platform, including the industry’s only solution for ensuring compatibility between conflicting applications on Terminal Services.

“SoftGrid has been helping companies such as Prudential, AIG, Americo and Raytheon save tremendous time and money, while building the real-time application infrastructure required to quickly respond to business needs,” said Bill Corrigan, Vice President, Product Management, Softricity. “This Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Certification further validates our ability to deliver the performance and interoperability required for enterprise-wide application deployment and management.”