A new VMware product is in development

Quoting from Virtual Strategy Magazine:

A VMware Managed Desktop product is in development and is scheduled to be released end of this year or early in 2005. A beta program is available now for users who want to test this.

VMware Managed Desktop provides the following features:

-) Virtual Rights Management – Centralized Management and Local Enforcement: Administrators can centrally configure policies that enforce IT processes such as access control, patch compliance, configurations. These policies are then enforced on end-user PCs whether they are local or remote, connected or disconnected.

-) Data Confidentiality: Data and configuration information stored in a virtual machine can be encrypted to maintain data confidentiality and comply with Personal Identification Information (PII) regulation.

-) Streamlined Deployment: Administrators can streamline deployment by packaging the virtual machine, the interface required to run the virtual machine and the policies along with an installer so end users can get started easily.

I hope to provide more news about this in the next days.