Release: VMware VirtualCenter 1.1.0 released!

VMware finally released delayed VirtualCenter 1.1.0 upgrade. This minor upgrade is particularly awaited cause it introduces GSX Server management (from version 3.1).

Here new features complete list:

-) Support for GSX Server, including centralized management, secure access control, rapid provisioning, and virtual machine interoperability between managed GSX Server and ESX Server hosts.

-) A Web service interface to allow users and third party software products to leverage the capabilities provided by VirtualCenter.

-) Scalability and performance enhancements to the VirtualCenter server.

-) Enhanced remote browsing capabilities for connecting an ISO file to a virtual CD-ROM.

-) Single-port management operations for better integration with firewalls.

-) Usability improvements such as restructuring the Tasks and Events interfaces and removing the long UUID tags from filenames.

-) Additional database support for Oracle 9i.