ClearCentral announces version 2.0 of VMware Knowledge Module for PATROL

ClearCentral Software Inc. has released version 2.0 of its VMware Knowledge Module for PATROL. This is a plug-in to the PATROL monitoring toolset from BMC Software that provides full monitoring of ESX Server version 2.1 and 2.0.1.

The software consists of a small proxy agent that installs in the Linux Service Console and the VMware Knowledge Module that installs on a PATROL agent on a separate server.

The module autodiscovers all virtual machines and monitors their allocation and usage of CPU, Memory, Disk and Network resources through the collection of over 50 monitored parameters per vm.

All metrics are brought into the PATROL agent where they can be viewed, graphed and alerted upon.

Special parameters are included specifically for alerting. One is called EcpuUtil100. This parameter shows the total server’s usage of effective available cpu (total cpu – sum of all minimum cpu allocations) measured as a percentage out of 100. If this parameter hits 100, there is no more available CPU.

Version 2.0 elimates the use of SNMP to collect data, adds 18 new metrics over version 1.2 and provides more flexible configuration over monitoring and alerting of virtual machine state and guest OS status.