Microsoft will release its own P2V solution for Virtual Server 2005

In some previous posts I reported Microsoft would eventually provide its own Phisical to Virtual (P2V) migration tool, releasing a modified version of Automated Deployment Services (ADS) free tool.

During a TechEd 2004 session, a Microsoft representative revealed this will happen: a new “Virtual Server Migration Toolkit” will be released in beta (as web download) during Q3 2004, and in RTM during Q4 2004. This toolkit is an add-on to actual ADS 1.0 and will eventually work with Virtual Server 2005 only.
The presentation reports that this Migration Toolkit will be made of some scripts and three executables acting on already captured ADS pc image. Anyway will be a command line tool only.

This could really put a stop to P2V market and grant Microsoft a competitive advantage over VMware and third parties P2V tools companies.