Get rid of MAC address limit on VMware VMs

Many of you use VMware to build large honeynet systems but a great problem of doing this is VMs fingerprinting caused by obliged VMware Vendor ID in VMs MAC Address.
I still remember my first post on VMware newsgroup asking how to workaround this limit and assign a totally arbitrary MAC address to my VMs.

Now the problem is raised on Honeypots Mailing List, a security ML hosted by SecurityFocus, and one gentle French Honeypot Project member, Kostya Kortchinsky, posted the solution (at least on VMware for Linux) for us.

Obviously this is something not supported by VMware and I’m sure will never be 🙂
But if meanwhile someone would produce a “VMware MAC verification patcher”, would be nice… 🙂

Last hour update: another ML user reported this patch also works with Workstation 4.5.1. Enjoy!