Rumors report VMware VirtualCenter 1.1.0 due in May

VirtualCenter 1.0.1, ready for ESX 2.1.0 administration, is just released but isn’t the most wanted update VMware community is waiting for.
Everybody around are waiting for VC 1.1 cause it will support GSX Server 3.0.0, just released too.
On the VMware official webforum a user just reported that VC 1.1 is expected for May (eventually cause he’s in the beta program).

This new release is greatly expected cause will finallt permit to plan and deploy serious enterprise virtualized environments at a fraction of the ESX-based infrastructures cost.

Many users also hope to see VC enhancements, taken from 3rd parties tools, and stability improvements, since some users reported VMotion problems in heavy load networks. Some leaked screenshots of an interim VC release, last month, contibuted to raise these hopes.