VMware presents the new GSX Server 3.0.0 online

A new webcast is available on VMware website about the new server product. It’s lead by Erich Horschman, GSX Director Product Manager, and features Live Screencam scenes.
Here the summary:

Launching the next generation of VMware GSX Server.

VMware GSX Server is enterprise-class virtual machine software for software development and testing operations as well as departmental server consolidation projects.

New in GSX Server 3:

– VMware VirtualCenter support
– Virtual machine mobility
– Better Usability
– New unified console
– Snapshots
– VM Auto-start/Auto-shutdown
– PXE Support
– Improved Performance and Scalability
– Enhanced Windows Integration
– New Host OS Support
– New Guest OS Support

In this live, interactive introduction to the VMware virtualization technology, focusing on what’s new in GSX Server 3, you will see industry statistics, customer case-studies, a live demo and Q&A from attendees.

Just go to the webinars page and enjoy the 48 minutes show.