Breaking News: VMware acquired by EMC Corporation!

It’s done. Finally someone very big acquired VMware.

There are a lot of voices about a previous meeting between Microsoft and VMware folks where MS tried to buy VMware. Someone says there wasn’t a satisfying agreement so MS decided to buy Connectix. Someone else says MS decided to buy Connectix after both virtualization technologies review since Connectix approach was simplier to handle and embed into Windows operating system (MS plans to integrate Virtual Server into next releases of Windows as far as I know).
Nothing of all this is confirmed in any way.

After this EMC Corporation, virtual storage products and solutions provider, decided to come into the game.
Many many VMware customers are now very worried about this: someone thinks prices will become higher and higher, someone else thinks VMware products will fade away between huge EMC offer. And someone thinks VMware will stop to be innovative, impartial, open to customer community requests and needs.

To avoid panic (I think) both VMware president and EMC CEO wrote an open letter to respective customers trying to paint near future for both markets:

Diane Greene, VMware President, open letter to community
Joe Tucci, EMC Corporation CEO, open letter to community