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virtualization.info Vanguards community is a network of virtualization professionals wanting to share experiences about different virtualization products and technologies, working opportunities and business contacts.

virtualization.info Vanguards community offers valuable networking opportunities like:

  • share best practices about implementation, integration and maintenance of multiple virtualization technologies
  • access feedbacks about new virtualization products, vendors and resellers
  • build project teams
  • build study and research teams to work on virtualization.info Rent-A-Lab
  • plan business trips
  • get recommedations from fellow members to accelerate career

All virtualization.info Vanguards are able to:

  • See a list of all your fellow group members
  • Search within your group for new contacts
  • Communicate directly with fellow members (only one-to-one connections allowed)

virtualization.info selected LinkedIn as infrastructure provider for Vanguards community and invites all readers to join for free (no initial costs or membership fees).


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