Established in 2003, virtualization.info is the most popular news website about server and application virtualization technologies, including virtual machines and hypervisors, containers and orchestrators, functions and serverless computing platforms.

Our mission is tracking the virtualization market evolution and its technology impact on the IT world, offering ahead of the curve, exhaustive coverage of the whole industry.

We aim to serve IT decision-makers in large end-user organizations, CTO offices in tech startups, and analysts in industry research, venture capital and private equity firms.

Several points differentiate it from any other online media in the space:

  • News digest virtualization.info daily tracks hundreds of news sources, verifying information published in every major news magazines, corporate and personal blogs, web forum and newsgroups. From thousands of articles per day, we publish no more than 10 major news per day, cutting away all the marketing hype, to avoid waste of time and information overload.
  • The big picture The news we publish is enriched with references to the companies’ market position, including past and upcoming product releases, declared and implicit alliances, expected evolutions and more. So each article contributes to detail the overall industry status, to give readers always the big picture.
  • Strategic insights Along with daily news, virtualization.info publishes periodic insights about different aspects of the market, covering competition, emerging trends, customers and partners relationships.Where connections between vendors and their strategies are unclear, our analysis helps connecting the dots.

So far virtualization.info has been recognized as a valuable point of aggregation by industry leaders and technical communities, achieving over 250,000 page views per month and more than 11,000 RSS feed readers per day.

With almost 6,000 pages, virtualization.info contains the historical memory of the virtualization industry and its content has been referenced by more than 100,000 other sites, blogs, forums and newsgroups talking about virtualization.